Repair Service Price List


(with welding) * ........ $ 500+S&H (excl. parts)
    BMW HEAD RECONDITION (without welding) * ... $ 350+S&H (excl. parts)

   Primarily for customers who want their head repaired, you can send us your    head and we can have it ready to send back within approximately TWO 
 business days (more days if cracked). Call us to discuss your head
   remanufacture so you can be back on the road in no time. 

    Our reconditioning procedure includes a thorough chemical cleaning, welding (if needed), resurfacing the gasket face of the head, cutting the valve seats with the renowned 3-angle valve job, installing new valve stem seals, cutting valves to ensure optimum valve sitting, precision polishing both intake and exhaust valves
(a procedure only we perform), pressure testing, vacuum testing the ports to ensure seats are sealed and double checking to ensure everything is within BMW specs. Then the heads are then sealed in wrap and boxed ready to be unpacked by you.

*IMPORTANT: All heads are kept within BMW specs and we will consult you prior to performing any work!


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